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Inaccurate error message when testing Google Play In-App Purchases

If I had a nickel for every time a vendor’s error message said one thing, and I had to Google the error message to find out that it meant something entirely different, I’d have at least $0.20.  Seriously though, it’s one of the most frustrating experiences as a developer and it’s startlingly common.

In this particular instance I was releasing an update to the Google Play version of FlowBen’s Music Trivia, and I tested iAP immediately just to be sure it was OK and got the error message that “This version of the application is not configured for billing through Google Play”.

A quick search revealed this answer on stackOverflow about what happened.   What’s especially perplexing is that there is even a warning in Google’s own developer docs.

Warning: It may take up to 2-3 hours after uploading the APK for Google Play to recognize your updated APK version. If you try to test your application before your uploaded APK is recognized by Google Play, your application will receive a ‘purchase cancelled’ response with an error message “This version of the application is not enabled for In-app Billing.”

My question is, if you know the issue exists, why not issue a halfway decent error message and save developers time and  frustration?!




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Joe • December 11, 2014

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