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Tips and Tricks in Cross Platform Mobile Development


A comprehensive explanation of supportedPlatforms in Corona SDK’s build.settings file

SupportedPlatforms was introduced a long time ago in item 5 of the Wednesday FAQ’s in a Corona blog post.  Corona’s official documentation for the build.settings file shows this table, but it’s not completely clear how it works or what values are available  It’s important that you understand exactly how to use it or you may…

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the In-App Store in FlowBen's Music Trivia

The Not So Obvious Downside to Using Consumable iAPs on any mobile platform

When you’re planning your strategy for in-app purchases, it’s important to understand the implications of the choices that you make. WHAT YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW Make sure you know the difference between the following: Consumables (aka Unmanaged Items) – Can be bought multiple times.  Often a virtual currency (coins, gems, etc) Non-Consumables (aka Managed Items…

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I haven't figured out way to avoid changing config.lua or build.settings

Edits You Can’t Avoid When Changing the Store Target in Corona SDK

I like to minimize the number of things I have to change when compiling for different devices, because I’m likely to forget a step or two.  I use the following techniques to minimize changes: Using store.target throughout the app to write conditional code and show different interfaces if necessary  Using the build.settings supportedPlatforms key to…

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